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How fun is this new book planned by Dirt Candy NYC? Dirt Candy NYC is a brilliantly named vegetable based restaurant in NYC and is one of the only Michelin-recommended vegetarian restaurants in America. Even the most tired home cooks will drag their weary rears to be inspired by the recipes of chef/owner Amanda Cohen and illustrations by award-winning artist Ryan Dunlavey. Cohen attended the Natural Gourmet's Chef Training Program and hopped around gaining popularity in many of New York City's vegetarian restaurants. She opened Dirt Candy NYC in 2008 and uses the restaurant's website to share some sassy blog posts about things like Why Food Costs Money
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Clarkson Potter, the people behind Martha, Momofuku and Lee Brothers cookbooks have scheduled to publish it next Summer 2012 and we are pretty darned excited.

To get an idea of what might be in the book, we checked out the current menu. Here are many of the standouts.

Jalapeno Hush Puppies

served with maple butter


butternut squash broth, squash dumplings,
delicata coconut cream
steamed barbecue carrot buns,
cucumber & sesame ginger salad

king oyster mushrooms,
celery, pesto, grilled grapes,
cheese curds


crispy tofu, broccoli & broccolini,
orange beurre blanc

buttermilk battered
cauliflower, waffles,
horseradish, wild arugula

stone ground grits, corn cream,
pickled shiitakes, huitlacoche,
tempura poached egg

Red Pepper Velvet Cake

white chocolate and peanut ice cream,
peanut brittle

Popcorn Pudding
salted caramel corn

Fennel Funnel Cake
caramelized mango and fennel
with chocolate sorbet

We're loving all these outstanding ways to present recipes, like The IKEA Baking Book. We'd like more please. Thank you.

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