Green Chili at Rito's Mexican Takeout

Diet Coke, don't fail me now.

A little caffeine boost is usually a good idea this time of day -- especially after a lunchtime splurge like I had.

Ever been to Rito's Mexican Takeout? It's one of those hidden downtown gems, the kind of place you learn about through word of mouth, and wonder how you ever managed to go so long without it.

I splurged on the same thing I always get here: a green chili burro. Sometimes I get it enchilada-style, smothered in cheese and sauce, and other times I get the straight-up naked burro. 

Either way, it's good stuff -- spicy enough to make your lips tingle, and full of moist chunks of pork. 

There's no sign in front of the restaurant, and it's located in the most random location in the middle of the Garfield District, across from an elementary school (907 N. 14th St.) It's also cash only.

And yet, there's always a line. What does that tell you?

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