Green Features Vegan "ThanksLiving" Menu

By Michele Laudig

I've hosted vegetarian guests for Thanksgiving before, and let me tell you -- it is a challenge to come up with something tasty that isn't just a meatless side dish like green beans or mashed potatoes. Sadly, there's no room for tofurky in my oven when I'm already roasting a real bird.

But the folks at Green definitely have it all figured out. This year, they're even opening the restaurant on the holiday for a special ThanksLiving dinner, from noon to 4 p.m. From seitan turkey with vegan giblet gravy, to vegan pecan and pumpkin pie with soy whipped topping, the whole buffet-style feast will be completely free of animal products. Check out the full menu: menu.pdf

There will also be guest speakers on animal advocacy and healthful living, and live performances from several bands. Tickets are $28.95 ($12.95 for kids under 12); call 480-941-9003 for tickets. 


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