Green Sriracha Exists and You Can Buy It Online

Chances are good that you've made darn near certain that you have a bottle of Sriracha in your fridge for everything from spicing up leftovers to making your own BBQ sauce. In any case, your spice world just got a little bigger, thanks to Musashi in New York. The company originally started with a spicy mayo and recently added the Serrano green chile Sriracha sauce to its lineup. Hooray!

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Don't get it mixed up: This isn't the same stuff as the Huy Fong Foods rooster sauce. It uses Serrano chiles to achieve that green color, which is only part of the story. In terms of flavor, tasters over at the Huffington Post said:

"The green sriracha sauce tastes fresh -- not burnt like red sriracha -- and has a vinegary quality to it. The heat is strong, but it's not an overpowering punch that will stun your tastebuds. Instead, the heat builds and lingers, making you want more. Instead of the thin, watery texture of red sriracha, Musashi's green sriracha is thick -- almost like a chimichurri, without all the oil."

You can try out Midori Sriracha by going to the Musashi website. The green hot sauce is $4.99 per bottle or $25.49 for a pack of six.

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