Gross Out: A Roach at Golden Buddha

By Amy Silverman Is there a curse at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix? I'm starting to wonder. I've had more bad Asian meals than I can count from a grouping of businesses that should be the best in town, given the billing.

I'd about sworn off the CCC entirely --after a particularly bad meal at a now-defunct Japanese buffet -- when someone mentioned Golden Buddha. This was years ago, and it's true, I had some great dim sum and other dishes at GB, during several visits. But lately it's slipped, and now that I've read about the restaurant's last couple county inspections, it's off my radar entirely.

All it takes is one roach, and the inspector found it -- along with undated food in the cooler, debris on the utensils, raw fish and raw beef stored above vegetables and rice stored next to chemicals.

Panda Express, anyone? (Before you squawk, that was a joke -- sort of.)


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