Gross Out: Cooler Crisis at Honey Bear's BBQ

By Amy Silverman

Bad electricity karma, perhaps? The light in the women's room was burned out when county restaurant inspectors visited Honey Bear's BBQ on Van Buren Street on August 31, but that wasn't the worst electrical failure.

The place might not have passed muster to begin with: inspectors noted a "1 inch piece of dried meat stuck to interior" of some tongs. There was a "moderate amount of slime mold" on the soda nozzles. And the shelves in the walk-in cooler had "strands of dust and food debris".


But the dealbreaker, clearly, was the fact that the "cooler malfunctioned at time of inspection," as the inspector wrote. "Establishment voluntarily closed doors."

And threw out a whole lot of meat that had been in that cooler for more than three and a half hours. Glad there was an inspection that day.

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