Gross Out: Slime, mold, dirt and bacteria in your drink?

by Amy Silverman

Ice, ice baby.

Well, maybe not. I know ice is all any of us want, right about now, but beware. After my gross discovery last week, I decided to focus on ice and drinks (and the stuff that they come out of) as a theme this week.

Makes me want to stick to my bottles of Propel, no matter how pricey.

For example:

On June 10, Maricopa County's environmental services restaurant inspectors noted of the 7-Eleven at 5125 S. Mill Avenue, Tempe, “SODA NOZZLES HAVE THICK BACTERIAL SLIME”.

On June 12, “NOTED WATER DISPENSER NOZZLE WITH ORGANIC SLIME MOLD ACCUMULATION,” at (of all places, fancy-shmancy!) the Village Racquet & Health Club, 4444 E. Camelback Road.

Both problems were resolved on the spot, according to the inspection reports.

On June 13, the Maricopa County restaurant inspections team noted, “ICE MACHINE HAD AN ACCUMULATION OF SLIME MOLD AND DIRT,” at the Airport Chevron, 2402 E. Washington Street. That place got some time to clean up its act: “INSTRUCTED EMPLOYEE TO TAKE ICE OUT AND WASH, RINSE AND SANITIZE EQUIPMENT. REINSPECT IN 14 DAYS”.

Drink up!

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