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Grown Up's Table at Beckett's Table

Right down to the name, Chef Justin Beckett has centered his Arcadia neighborhood restaurant concept, Beckett's Table, around a stunning, reclaimed black walnut community table.

Last night he took it up a notch with a new concept, the Grown Up's Table, a three-course menu paired with three wines -- served, naturally, at that now-somewhat-infamous table.  

Find out what was on the menu and how to learn about the next event after the jump.

Last night's dinner was a great indoor picnic, starting with a pour of a crisp and mellow Villa Maria Riesling (N.Z. 2008) It was difficult to hold back on the first coarse beginning with deviled eggs, which came out on a platter surrounded by frisee lettuce. The smooth chive spiked filling was piped over a slice of smoked red onion, dotted with capers and a sprinkle of cayenne. I could have eaten spoonfuls of the smoky onion. The eggs were served along with a refreshing mixed bean salad (garbanzo, green, wax and giant white) dressed in creamy lemon vinaigrette.

Wine Guerilla "Rebel Cru"- Zinfandel (Ca. 2009) and Ciacci Piccolomini d'Aragona - Sangiovese Blend (Tuscany 2007) were served with the main coarse. Good picks that went well with both the hearty sauces on the entrees and the accompanying fresh accents of the side dishes. Ribs and chicken were smoked and glazed with a house made sauce that delivered a bit of hoped for heat. The chicken satisfied, but the tender fall off the bone ribs were the go to platter for second helpings.

The corkscrew pasta salad with roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives, feta, arugula and chives would have been the perfect side, had the pasta not been overcooked. Two pick up foods added to the summer picnic feel of the meal: corn on the cob with honey apple butter and skewers of strawberries and mint with a spoonful of fruit salsa.

Woe to those at the table who didn't save room for dessert. A slice of polenta cake, moist and crumbly sat under the makings of a sundae: three mini scoops of ice cream-chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, a mound of fresh whipped cream, and spiced nuts topped the cake with zig zags of caramel and a compote of Rainier cherries on the side.

Everyone left with a small brown bag, a share of the leftovers. Another way for Chef Beckett to share dinner from this house as he would from his home.

Grown Up's Table at Beckett's Table
3717 E Indian School Road
Wednesdays, 5:30 pm
$36.00 for 3 course dinner with 3 wines
Reservations, limited to 16, online or 602-954-1700

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