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Guard Us Against Asparagus Peelers, in This Week's "Guess That Gadget"

How well do you know your favorite cookhouse contraptions? See if you can guess today's gadget and check back next week for the answer, and to see if you've won a most-awesome prize.

Here are a few shots at this week's trickster, add yours to the comment box below:

- Chef's "Privacy Please" Chopper Screen
- Portable Magnetic Recipe Board
- Reach-Over-To-Taste-Your-Food
  Douchebag Guard

​What the heck was this?
Find out last week's answer after the jump.

Last Week's Answer: Asparagus Peeler

Tired of those tough asparagus skins wedging the way into your teeth? Hate the thought of using a bland ol' knife to cut the bottoms off? Need another useless gadget to go alongside your quesadilla maker and avocado slicer? Suffer no more!

The asparagus peeler easily snips and peels even the most tender asparagus stalks into green goodies ready for cooking. It clasps shut for easy storage and is (yay!) dishwasher safe. What about those pesky skins on beans and peas? Slice those hateful hides into submission and never wonder about a last-minute re-gift for the holidays again.

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