Guess That Gadget

How well do you know your favorite cookhouse contraptions? Can you tell a melon baller from a cookie scoop? See if you can guess today's gadget and check back next week for the answer.

Here are a few of our guesses, add yours to the comment box below:

- Nemo meets a young boy who bends a spoon to demonstrate the unreality of a computer simulation in The Matrix. - My dishwasher hate me. - Why you have food under your nose.

What the heck was this? Find out last week's answer, and winner, after the jump.

Last Week's Answer: Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

Congratulations, Cosmic Jester, for the correct guess! As a most-awesome prize, your name will be mentioned in the product description below.

Where does Jamie Oliver find the time? The Naked Chef, somewhere in-between constantly appearing on television, campaigning against the use of processed foods in national schools, and slaughtering a fully conscious lamb on his TV show, has developed a cheeky little gadget that makes grinding herbs and spices together easier than that silly Le Creuset mortar and pestle you bought to impress your girlfriends, but ended up being used as a candy dish. Simply pop the ingredients inside, add the magic ball (hee, hee!) and shake it like a Spice Girl who just won a cricket match. At only $30, even the Cosmic Jester will be spelling it "Jestour". Check it out at www.flavourshaker.co.uk.

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