Guess Where I'm Eating and Win a Prize!

I have driven past this quirky south Scottsdale New Mexican restaurant thousands of times but yet somehow I had never eaten there. On a whim the BF and I decided to check it out. We started with the chips and salsa which were very, um, average. For the supposed home of the Habanero Hambuger, the salsas were super mild and when we asked them for something hotter, our server informed us that they didn't make anything hot. Bummer.  

Everything on the menu sounded pretty good but I went ahead and ordered the 1/2 Spicy Citrus Rotisserie Chicken with green chili mac & cheese and jicama cold slaw. The chicken was good but could have definitely used more spicy, the mac was a little on the soupy side and, again, was lacking any sort of kick, but the coleslaw was delicious. Do you know where I'm eating? 

Email the correct answer to whereamieating@newtimes.com  and I will randomly pick a winner from all of the correct guess and send them a prize. This week's winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Kitchen 56 in Arcadia. 

Last Week, I gave into my yellow curry craving at Thai Hut on McDowell. Man that stuff is good!  Serena Unrein is this weeks winner -- have fun at Coach & Willies! 

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