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Guy Fieri Is Too Crazy for All of Us, and This Week's Must-Watch Shows in "TV Dinner"

Looking for the latest in tasty television? Need to know the need-to-watch episodes of your favorite foodie shows? Chow Bella is here to help with reviews of the most delectable and dreadful, and a week-long, must-see schedule so you won't miss a thing.

Whoa. Is NBC sure it wants Guy Fieri to host a new game show called Minute to Win It, a rip-off of a popular British television show in which contestants can win up to a million dollars for doing things it would take hours to train chimps to do? Just look at him -- sunglasses on the back of his head, permanent face-burn, a wristband on his arm -- he's clearly a rebel who defies all conventional rules. His hair is bleached and spiked, for God's sake. Look out, America, this chef gone muffler-hawker/T.G.I. Friday's "Food Dude" is clearly the square peg in the round, gaping hole that is NBC. Anything could happen.

This week's must-see food show listings after the jump.

What to Watch:

With the sap-happy Olympics in full swing, the world feels more balanced with Chef Ramsay's, Kitchen Nightmares, back on a special night. The Unwrapped episode of oddball containers looks entertaining, even if just for the segment on sushi in a tube. And Duff, from the tedious Ace of Cakes, goes up against chef Michael Symon in an Iron Chef America battle (go chef Michael!)

Monday (February 22)

Unwrapped: "Crazy Containers." A look at unique food packaging, including PEZ dispensers, canned pancake batter, sushi in a tube, and breakfast cupcakes. 9:30 p.m., Food Network

Best of Cake Boss: Featuring highlights from the first two seasons. Included: a cake shaped like a billiards table for NFL player Justin Tuck. 10 p.m., TLC

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: "Comfort Food Classics." Comfort foods are sampled. Included: chicken and dumplings in Charlotte, burgers and fries in San Jose, and johnnycakes in Providence, Rhode Island. 11 p.m., Food Network

Tuesday (February 23)

Early Show: American chef, restaurateur, and cookbook writer, Thomas Keller. 7 a.m., Channel 5, CBS

Thursday (February 25)

Martha Stewart Show: "Female Chef Show." A show featuring female chefs includes recipes for tomato spaghetti with Missy Robbins; butter-poached prawns and couscous with Maria Hines, and banana brioche monkey bread with butterscotch and almond brittle with Mindy Segal. 11 a.m., Channel 15, ABC

Kitchen Nightmares: "Casa Roma." Chef Ramsay visits Casa Roma, an Italian restaurant in Lancaster, California. The eatery has a packed bar but a nearly empty dining area, and many problems stem from the inexperienced owners' managing a clueless kitchen staff. 8 p.m., Channel 10, FOX

Ace of Cakes: "Charm City Throwdown." Monday Night Football is turning 40. To celebrate, the crew creates an elaborate sports-themed cake and delivers it to the Washington Redskins' stadium on game day. Later, Duff heads to New York City to compete against Iron Chef Michael Symon in an Iron Chef America battle. 11 p.m., Food Network

Saturday (February 27)

Tyler's Ultimate: "Ultimate Sunday Gravy." Spareribs, meatballs and pork shoulder are prepared. 10 a.m., Food Network.

Mexican Made Easy: "Mexican Cookout." Beer-marinated skirt steak served with fresh salsa and grilled green onions. Also: sautéed potatoes with chorizo, creamy poblano-pepper strips, and watermelon-and-mint agua fresca. 10:30 a.m., Food Network

Cooking for Real: "Sticky Bones, Empty Plate." Chicken-fried steak served with diced-potato gravy and cheesy creamed spinach. 1 p.m., Food Network

Barefoot Contessa: "Italian Restaurant Food at Home." Ina Garten prepares an Italian meal with chef Joe Realmuto. On the menu: penne alla vecchia bettola, a no-cook antipasti platter, and rum-raisin tiramisu. 2:30 p.m., Food Network

Sunday (February 28)

Sandra's Money Saving Meals: "Comfort Food." Comfort foods, including chicken-fried steak with sawmill gravy, macaroni and cheese, farm-stand lemonade, and a caramel-apple tart. 1 p.m., Food Network

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