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Hackett House Cooking Class and E.D. Goes Green for St. Patrick's Day in Today's Eater's Digest

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Cooking at the Hackett House
Did you know that the Hackett House in Tempe hosts cooking classes most Monday nights? We didn't either till today. Each Monday night the Hackett House host cooking classes with valley chefs from local restaurants and local food personalities. Tonight, Petit Maison Executive Chef James Porter will be cooking up the perfect meal for a springtime in France. Learn to make (and then eat) Lobster bisque with Chantilly,  Ahi tuna a la nicoise and an apple tart. Top it off with a complimentary wine bar and door prizes and you have yourself a nice little Monday evening. Seating is limited to 50 people. $50 per person. Click here to RSVP or check out the upcoming dinner schedule.

St. Patrick's Day
 In honor of our favorite green holiday, we will being sharing nothing but green culinary delights this week in Eater's Digest. Not just cupcakes, either; bloggers are incredibly clever these days and thankfully love to share their great ideas.

First up is this ingenious idea from Food Mayhem. Basil leaves cut into the shape of little four leaf clovers using a paper punch. These would look fantastic on a St. Paddy's Day pizza or floating in a bowl of tomato soup. Super cute! 

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