Halloween Lunch at MIM Features Delicious Dishes With Gruesome Names

Edward Farrow, the executive chef at the Café at MIM, loves Halloween. In fact, it's his favorite holiday. And while he can't dress up in an outlandish costume during work hours (too much risk of fire), he gets in the ghoulish spirit by giving his constantly changing, locally sourced menu items gruesome names . . . . just for one day.

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Farrow has celebrated Halloween at MIM the best way he knows how -- by cooking -- for three years in a row. Here's what his menu looks like this year, offered at lunch-time on Wednesday, October 31, only.

Maggots, Fungus, and Mold Homemade soup using local Arizona farro, Phoenix-grown oyster mushrooms, and blue cheese, $4.99-$5.99

Blood Splattered on the Wall with Its Flesh Local red beet borscht with Power Ranch beef brisket, $4.99-$5.99

"SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" (THE nightmare for Clarice) Power Ranch liver and onions, local butternut squash puree, fava beans, and Chianti vinaigrette, $12

Exploring the Dark Reaches of My Mind Hand-tossed pizza with black bean sauce, grilled shrimp, micro wild arugula, eggplant, $8.99

A Severed Leg Surviving the Quicksand Roasted Two Wash Ranch chicken leg and thigh, Arizona sweet corn polenta, braised greens from Seacat Gardens, and a light-roasted chicken-sage jus,$12

House-crafted desserts:

Candice has gone Crazy.......Pumpkinhead is Everywhere...in her mind A score in organic sugar pie pumpkin: Pie, Smoothie, Crisp, Marshmallow, $4.99

Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. I. AM. PAIN. (MIchael Myers, Halloween) French pain perdu with Arizona apple compote and Shamrock Farms sweet cream, $4.99

Farrow says the day is often a slow one, so drop in and have a healthy lunch that sounds anything but.

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