Happy Birthday Oprah - You Really Take the Cake

Today is Oprah Winfrey's 54th birthday.  Lately she's been on a bit of a "best life" kick again with healthy recipes and guests like Alicia Silverstone touting the benefits of going vegan.

Sure, we can appreciate the clean living carb-avoiding Oprah, but we have to admit, we sort of love chubby overindulgent let-them-eat cake Oprah a little more. 

If we were in charge of her birthday, we'd declare it a day to relax the standards a little and dive into something decadent.  And if her party was in Phoenix, we might snap up a towering confection from Tammie Coe.  But since she isn't going to be celebrating in the Valley - our  invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, we might have to settle with sending her a cake from the mail order bakery she made famous, We Take the Cake.

Oprah has ooh and ah-ha'ed over many food products on her show, but probably none more over the top than the little cake company that went on to sell 10,000 cakes within minutes of being featured on her 2005 Oprah's Favorites show.  

The phenomenon is called The Oprah Effect and a Key Lime Bundt cake initially sent to an Oprah staffer turned the Florida based mail order company making a mere $19 profit into a gold mine, doubling sales and placing cakes in catalogs for Neiman Marcus and Dean and Deluca.

Think you have a food product worthy of the great Oprah and her cash generating effect?  Better hurry, her program is in its last season.  We'll miss the show, but we're thinking maybe her wide open calendar might just give us a shot at hosting Oprah's 55th birthday next year.  

Better hustle over to Tammie Coe and get started on that custom design now.  

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