Happy Hour Deals at BisonWitches in Tempe

Buy Sandwiches.

...At least that's what they say at BisonWitches, a quaint sandwich restaurant just off 6th and Mill, hidden behind the Bank of America building. Yes, 'Buy Sandwiches,' is a clever colloquial contrivance, but at $7 a sandwich, it strikes one as more of a creed.

At BisonWitches, the sandwiches are big enough to feed two people, but you might single handedly polish your plate after an alcohol-induced hunger pang. During happy hour from 4 to 7 p.m., draft beers cost only $2.50, and what a selection! This place specializes in import and microbrews, and what they don't have on tap, they carry in bottles.

Additionally, they offer a selection of $2.50 top-shelf liquor. The decadent and well-garnished Green Turkey, or the fantastically simple Beef and Brie are sandwiches that fit any drink on the menu.

For three drinks and an amazing sandwich, an after-work trip to this place shouldn't run you too much more than $15.

BisonWitches is located at 21 E. 6th Street #146 in Tempe.

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