Happy Pi Day

We're not super math-y over here at Chow Bella, but we do like to celebrate Pi Day.

(Get it? It's 3/14. Even we got it.)

Of course we really like Pi Day because it makes think about pie, something we haven't talked about much since our Pie Social with Roosevelt Row last year.

This week, our sister paper Seattle Weekly has a lot to say about pie -- specifically, in a very entertaining review by Jason Sheehan that asks what is now an aging question, "Is Pie the New Cupcake?"

After trying to make a pie ourselves for the Pie Social -- and seeing the lack of pie opportunities (still) around town -- we are beginning to think that maybe it's not. Pie is a lot of work.

But in Seattle, pie shops are popping up like -- well, like cupcake shops.

As Sheehan observes, that's not necessarily a good thing. All pies, apparently, are not created equal. in Sheenan's words: "You want to know how bad it was? To wash the texture and the sucking lack of flavor out of my brain, I ordered a slice of vegan apple pie and actually liked it. Apple filling is apparently the only thing this staff can handle with even a modicum of skill. I ate the apples out of the shell of the pie, left the crust behind, and walked out, never to return."

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a cupcake and enjoy the read -- and learn which pie shop to avoid the next time you're in the Pacific Northwest.

And if you are a real pie type, check out Seattle Weekly's Pie Porn slideshow. Or ours.

Know of any pie coming to Phoenix? Open your pie hole and share in the comments section.

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