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Hell's Kitchen Casting Call: Get Yelled At on TV, Make Money

Do you crave long hours, low pay, and near-constant verbal abuse while you're filmed under unflattering lights? Then, boy, does Fox have a job offer for you!

Celebrity chef and professional firebrand Gordon Ramsay has a new season of Hell's Kitchen coming out, and a casting call for his show is open until June 30. We can only imagine that the show's producers are looking for cooks willing to be verbally berated by an angry badger of a man and who will either work harder or have a complete mental breakdown on national television.

Are you a Valley chef thinking of trying out? Maybe you should mentally prepare yourself with the following:

Interestingly enough, applicants can actually post profiles and be voted on by the public. However, the site is quick to point out though that a mountain of votes is no guarantee of a seat on the show.


FOX's hit unscripted series "HELL'S KITCHEN" is back again as Chef Gordon Ramsay looks for the BEST of the BEST to work beside him in the hottest kitchen on Earth! The nationwide casting call starts May 7th, 2012 and we're in search of America's culinary elite who not only have the skills but the stamina to cook alongside the infamous, CHEF GORDON RAMSAY.

"HELL'S KITCHEN" will follow the chefs 24/7 through the perils of working in Chef Ramsay's pressure-filled restaurant, capturing the wrath, emotion and adrenaline rush that comes with cooking in a top-notch restaurant. Contestants will have to prove they have the endurance and skills to work with Chef Ramsay as they are pushed to their limits.

CASTING is searching for culinary candidates, 21 and over, who are outspoken, competitive and can stand the HEAT in one of the MOST EXCLUSIVE and TOUGHEST kitchens in the world. Applicants must be passionate, skilled at their craft and aim to become the next winner of "HELL'S KITCHEN."

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