Hell's Kitchen: New Levels of Mayhem and "Holy Crap!" Stuff Promised in Season 8

Holy raw halibut! With only six weeks to recover from the last season of Hell's Kitchen ("I wuv you, Mommy!"), Gordon Ramsay is sounding the name-calling whistle on his anger- management-issues train bound for expletive town. "All aboard, you f%*&ing donkeys!"

Set to premiere Wednesday, September 22, on Fox, the show's executive producer, Arthur Smith, revealed that the mayhem meter will reach new levels in season 8, saying it's the most combative, aggressive season yet.

"There were many times we were sitting in the control room gong, 'Holy crap!' this is actually kind of frightening," says Smith, "but really good television!"

Hell's Kitchen fans can expect the usual plate throwing, food pounding, and screaming character defamation courtesy of Chef Ramsay, plus a karate-kicking, face-stuffing chef named Raj as the contestants take on challenges like a Beverly Hills high school prom and the show's 100th dinner service.

Buckle up kids, it's gonna be a bumpy, reality ride into Ramsay Hell.

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