Take your shoes off next time!
Take your shoes off next time!

Helpful Hints for Boozing it Up on New Year's Eve

There are two days in every year that it is acceptable to get drunker then Li-Lo at a va-jay-jay flashing contest and wake up with the worst hangover known to man: St. Patty's Day, and New Year's Eve.

Those of us who happen to call the bar our second home refer to these days as amateur nights, when everyone and their mother decides that tonight is the night they can all drink like there is no tomorrow and the fun will last all night all.

You know who you are. You're the one that can't make it to the bathroom in time and decides to share the contents of your stomach with the closest innocent bystander. You're the one that screams obscenities at passersby until you are escorted out of the bar while you're friends say "sorry he/she doesn't drink very often" You're this guy...

Take your shoes off next time!
Take your shoes off next time!

We searched for the best tips on the internet to help you avoid being that guy (or girl) and keep the hangover to a minimum. Read on party people...

1. Eat Something - first and foremost, you need a good base. Ladies, I know you practically starved yourselves to ensure that you look awesome in the tiny black dress, but how awesome are you going to look passed out in the middle of the party with your crotch hangin' out? Eat a real meal before you go out. And no, three bites of cottage cheese doesn't count. This should help your drinking endurance by slowing down the rate that your body processes the alcohol you about to consume.  

2. Water - and more water. You always say that you are going to drink more water, really do it this year. One glass of water between every alcoholic beverage you consume. If your order a shot, ask for a water back. Whatever you have to keep to water coming in. DO IT!

3. Watch What You Drink - Start out with a vodka cran or a screwdriver. The juice will help fight dehydration and vitamin deficiencies. And don't slam it. Drink it like a classy human being and sip it. Try and limit yourself to just one glass of champagne. The bubbly stuff gets absorbed at a higher rate which means you are going to be on the ground faster. Also, try and avoid super sugary girl drinks. This is a sure fire way to end up with a nasty morning headache.

4. It's Okay to Puke - If your body wants it out, get it out. By this pint you have probably had far too much. But getting it out is going to be way better for you then keeping it in. Hopefully, you know your poison limit, but if you don't your body does and will let you know. (If you tend to be a morning puker, try drinking a little Gatorade before the event. It seems to help neutralize a bit of the acidity and make for a slightly better experience) 

5. Before You Pass Out - Before you leave the house, line up these guys on your kitchen counter or next to your bed - 2 glasses of water, one b12 vitamin, one globe artichoke supplement and one milk thistle supplement. This combo should help your liver and your next day troubles. And get lots of sleep. You can sleep off a hangover, I swear.

If you do wake up with the dreaded hangover from hell, be well prepared. Stock up on plenty of ibuprofen, water, and Gatorade. Drag your sorry hungover behind outta bed and head to your favorite place to grab a greasy breakfast and a bloody mary. Let's face it, sometimes a little hair-of-the-dog is the only thing that is going to make you feel less like death and more like a normal person.

Happy New Year's!

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