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Here Are the Winners of the 2013 Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame

Hold on to your apron strings, folks. The Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame has announced its 2013 winners.

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Presented by the Scottsdale Culinary Festival and the Scottsdale League for the Arts for over 20 years, this year's five winning individuals were chosen by a voting body of peers, chefs, mixologists, organization leaders, board members, food critics, and food and beverage organizations.

So who's the best chef, restaurateur, beverage master, and "lifetime achiever" in the state for 2013? Read on.

Here are the 2013 Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame winners:

Chef of the Year: Cullen Campbell (Crudo) "The chef presenting the most breakthrough menu while offering outstanding execution across the board."

Restaurateur of the Year: Pavle Milic & Charleen Badman (FnB Restaurant, AZ Wine Merchants, Bodega) "The restaurateur that exhibited exceptional operations, expansion (if applicable), and community development."

Beverage Master of the Year: Jason Asher (Young's Market Co.) "The mixologist, beverage director or sommelier that exhibited outstanding leadership behind the bar or in the wine cellar."

Lifetime Achievement: Robert McGrath "The person who has exhibited long-term excellence in the Arizona culinary industry."

The award presentation will take place at 2:30 p.m. at the Great Arizona Picnic, Saturday, April 13, inside the Epicurean Expo. Winners receive a trophy and $500 to be donated to the charitable organization of their choice.

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