Here's the Menu for the New Dhaba Cafe: Serving Up Street Food, Indian Style, in Tempe

Looking for a primo parantha? How about a terrific tawa aloo?

If you're in Tempe you can get them both, as well as several other types of Indian street food, at the Dhaba Cafe, the new fast-casual eatery from The Dhaba, the Indian restaurant specializing in the foods of the Punjab region of Northern India.

Located right next door to the restaurant, the Dhaba Cafe will specialize in several varieties of stuffed paranthas, the Indian flat bread similar to naan, as well as chaat (street treats), and Indian drinks and beers.

Considered snacks or accompaniments to meals in India, the Dhaba Cafe's house made paranthas are made with flour, will come in over a dozen, mostly vegetarian varieties (think mushrooms, tofu, and garbanzo beans), and are served with yogurt, pickles, lentil salads, and various chutneys and dipping sauces.

Looking for a meal deal? A parantha can be had with a masala chai drink for five bucks.

The new Dhaba Cafe will also feature a large selection of Punjabi chaats, or street snacks, including vegetarian or meat samosas, pakoras, and fresh fruits. Indian drinks such as lassi and falooda and desserts like rose sherbert will also be offered.

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