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Heritage Turkeys for Sale Through Rancho Pinot; Here's How to Get Yours

For the past 11 years, Heritage Foods USA has been selling Heritage Turkeys from farmer Frank Reese's Good Shepherd Ranch.

Unlike your typical store-bought birds, which are bred for their abundance of white breast meat rather than taste, these turkeys offer more flavorful dark meat. And just as important, they are traditional breeds of turkeys that have become endangered. Raising and buying these breeds are the only ways to save them from extinction.

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If purchased from the Heritage Foods USA website, Heritage Turkeys start at $85 plus $45 for shipping. But since Rancho Pinot chef and owner Chrysa Robertson orders them in bulk and has them shipped to the restaurant, she can sell them to the public at a much lower cost.

The turkeys will cost $7.50 a pound and range in size from 8 to 22 pounds, in two-pound increments. Rancho Pinot promises to try to accommodate size requests and will order a turkey in the range closest to your request.

Deposits are due when you order and only cash and checks will be accepted. No cancellations will be allowed and once your order is placed there will be no refunds.

Pick up will only be available on Wednesday, November 20, at Ranch Pinot.

You can place your order by e-mailing [email protected] with the following information:

  • name
  • phone number
  • size of turkey

You will recieve a confirmation e-mail. Please do not call the restaurant with orders.

For more information about Heritage Turkeys, visit the Heritage Foods USA website.

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