Hey chocoholics: It's Battle of the Brownies

Some of my friends who're into food (see? I didn't say foodies!), are total spa fanatics, too. Hell, who wouldn't like a nice belly rub after a big meal? (Oh, I wish they offered that...)

Anyway, pals, this one's for you: It's Bliss Spa's "You Be the Fudge" Battle of the Brownies, a contest to see which local bakery's fudgy treats will be featured at the spa's brownie buffet. Yes, you heard me right -- this place will be feeding brownies to spagoers as they're simultaneously selling them cellulite cream. So genius.

Let me back up for a second. If you haven't heard of Bliss Spa -- a super-hip spa that started in NYC, spawned a national chain, and now has its own line of delicious-smelling lotions and potions -- you may have heard of W Hotels. Well, once the W Scottsdale opens its doors this summer, Bliss will be one of the in-house attractions.

Anyway, back to the brownies. Three local bakeries are in the running for brownie bar privileges: Wicked Bakery, Tammie Coe Cakes, and Fairytale Brownies. Bliss is loading its cute Blissmobile (in photo above) with plenty of samples for ten local brownie-tasting sessions, all to be conducted at Fashion Square (in the food court, by the Sony store).

Here are the scheduled dates of the tastings, all of which will run from noon to 6 p.m.: May 31, June 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

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