Hey Joe! Filipino Street Food at Cycle This Friday and Saturday

Brian and Margita Webb, winners of this year's Culinary Big Brain Award and owners of Hey Joe! Filipino Street Food, will be trading their truck for a kitchen this Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16, at Cycle Restaurant & Bar, the pop-up joint hidden inside the Lexington Hotel in downtown Phoenix.

On Friday, Hey Joe! will be treating guests to a unique vegetarian à la carte menu including vegetarian pancit, ginataang mongo, and vegetarian adobo. On Saturday, it's a Mactan Island food festival done up pork style with a pre-fixe, seven course dinner including pork sinigang, pork lumpia, and barbecue skewered pork leg.

See the full menus and find out how to make your reservations after the jump.

Friday, 7/15 All Vegetarian Menu (à la carte)

Scattered Ube Chips Purple Yams, Rosemary from my Backyard, Peanuts - $5

Just Corn No Salt,No Pepper,No Butter, Just Grilled Local Corn - $3

Vegetarian Pancit Rice Stick Noodles, Vegetables, Soy Sauce, Rice - $6

Ginataang Mongo Organic Mung Beans, Spinach, Coconut Milk, Spinach, Ginger,Rice - $7 Vegetarian Adobo Local Vegetables Braised in Soy Sauce & Coconut Vinegar, Calamansi Scented Quinoa - $9 Mount Mayon Fire Hot Annatto Seared Tofu,Forbidden Black Rice, Calamansi Beurre Blanc - $10

Turon Banana Dessert Spring Roll - $5

Saturday, 7/16 Prix-Fixe Pork Menu -- $28

Amuse TBA

Meat Shop Sinigang Organic/Local Pork Neck sweet and sour soup, Local Vegetables, Tempura Chinese Long Beans

Meat Shop Lumpia Organic/Local Ground Pork Egg Roll,Achara (pickled green papaya and ginger), Garlic Fried Rice

Meat Shop Pork BBQ Organic/Local Skewered Pork Leg- Local Heirloom tomato + Local Japanese Cucumber Salad, Sweet RicePork Blood Demi,

Intermezzo TBA

Sisig Sautéed Snout,Ear,Jowl, Sunny Side Up Quail Egg, Calamansi Beurre Blanc, rice

Lechon Flan Filipino Flan with Candied Pork Cheek Bacon (Meat Shop)

To make reservations, go here.

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