Hey Ladies: Quit Drinking the [Hot Pink] Kool-Aid

Maybe it's the women's studies classes talking, but in our opinion there's nothing quite as offensive as products marketed specifically and shamelessly toward the "fairer sex" (particularly when they target women assumed to be shopping-obsessed, pink-loving, rhinestone-studded gossip queens who appear to love their flirty life of singledom, but waste 90 percent of their time obsessing over and trying to seduce men).

Having said that, the new X-Rated Fusion Liqueur claims that "You can't help but smile after stealing a few sips and trying to knot the cherry garnish" [with your tongue].

Of course we can't help it; we're all just a bunch of sexy naughty girls, after all.

The drink is made from premium French vodka blended with blood oranges as well as mango and passion fruit juices. It can be served on the rocks, with a splash of champagne, or in a cocktail like the "Love EliXir," "X-Rated Passion," or any of the other "flirty" recipes on the X-Rated Web site.

If you can't decide which cocktail to choose, you can take the "Flirt Fabulous" quiz to find the best drink for your "flirting personality." Yes, we're serious.

You wanna know the worst part of all? This stuff actually tastes pretty good; but then again, we'll drink anything as long as it's pink, sweet and served in a martini glass, right ladies?

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Adriane Goetz