Hipster Foodie Mauled By Bear to '80s New Wave Soundtrack in Very Satisfying Video

It would appear that the internet sensed

Laurie Notaro'sunconstrained loathing for foodies

and unleashed its own critique of food fetishists.

Behold the Lonely Island-esque work of The Key of Awesome! and American Hipster and rejoice. Lampooned: Aggressive food photography, obnoxiously long descriptions, and the uncontrolled urge to document everything via the social media flavor of the week.

Now, next month we'll be reviewing this absolutely nom nom food truck you probably haven't heard of before. They'll be dishing up the most amazing foamed pork belly amuse bouche served two ways: cupcake and cake pop. Both are topped with a dollop of their decadent, locally-sourced, bacon coulis which has a mouthfeel that is simply to die for.

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