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Homemade Harvey Squeezable Fruit Pouches Launches in Arizona

This week marked the Arizona launch of Homemade Harvey. It's an organic, preservative-free, crushed fruit snack pouch made in Orange California.

I got to meet one of the three owners at the Paradise Valley Whole Foods who really eyed me as as I (a mom with two small kids) walked near -- I'm one of their target markets. My 1 year old daughter started grunting (she only says a few words) when she saw what he had to sample near the yogurt case.

Notice the extended pinky -- this girl knows that this is the good stuff.​We call them "squeezies" at my home. There's this whole new market of squeezable baby food. It's being marketed not only to to babies (we were able to just hand them to my daughter for a mess free snack. If you have kids, you know that this is unbelievably handy), but toddlers, older kids and Homemade Harvey started by marketing their products in gyms in California. It's no secret that more fruits and vegetables is a good thing but are they worth the almost $2/ea price tag for 4.5 ounces of pureed fruit?

I can't speak for other "target markets" but as a mom with a little rugrat who is fairly new to eating, there are times when it's totally worth it since she can feed this to herself and there's nothing to choke on (like whole grapes). You can open it, hand it to the child and be done. It's great to have on hand as a real food snack that won't perish as fast as a real banana or kiwifruit. However, we'll be eating real whole fruit most of the time - this is a nice alternative when needed.

We tried the strawberry, banana, kiwi variety and it's really delicious. It tastes like pureed whole ripe fruit. It's crushed until completely smooth, sweet and it doesn't have any preservatives, so there's no bizarre citric acid tangy aftertaste.

The package is recyclable if you have the patience to mail them in to the Terracycle program. They do need to remain in the refrigerated, this is different from most other squeezable fruit pouches -- but these do taste most like the real thing, in my opinion.

Check them out at Whole Foods all over the Valley and if you want more info, check out their website:


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