Homemade Samoas, BBQ Bruce, Foodiebear's Foodzie Box, and Pickled Grapes

A round-up of tasty morsels from Valley food blogs.

Can we get a hell yeah? We have a recipe for making Girl Scout Samoas at home. We had fun taste testing the Keeber fake outs, but we really like the idea of making our own. Les Petite Gourmettes kicked off their 17th year in operation (as of Memorial Day) and shared a recipe for making Samoas at home. The kids from their school made them in class this week. They look so easy and so delicious.

EaterAZ showed a new grilling gizmo that piqued our interest. It's BBQ Bruce - the teeny tiny grill that hangs onto your patio railing. It's kind of a perfect solution for space limited folks. I suppose you wouldn't be squishing a porterhouse on there. However, if you've got brats and kabobs, it's just the right size.

We just discovered Foodiebear and we love the simple sleek design and incredible photos. This week Foodiebear (we couldn't find the person's name on the site) shared their Foodzie tasting box contents. Foodzie is another in the trend of monthly sample subscriptions - like the beauty world's Birchbox. Looks like Foodzie subscribers might even get some Arizona snacks - cool idea.

In national food blogs: Dreamy Sunday Suppers posted a recipe for pickled and peppered grape crostini. Pickled grapes? Sounds a little crazy and a lot awesome. We can't wait to try a batch at home.

Hey metro Phoenix eaters, if you have a food blog or know of one we've missed, leave word in the comments section.

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