Honey Makes One Hot Toddy

January evenings are chilly in Phoenix; not exactly ear muff weather, but certainly cold enough to justify a hot drink with a little kick.

A Hot Toddy is a warm drink usually made with bourbon or scotch and a varying combination of sweeteners and spices.  The Hot Toddy was believed to have originated in Scotland, but the true history of the drink is unknown.  In modern times, the Hot Toddy has been relied upon to ease common cold and flu symptoms.

Curing the cough with a cocktail?  Sounds good to us! 

​The recipe is simple enough, but does require a little effort in preparing the ginger syrup.  While letting the syrup cool per the recipe and turned our attention to the other ingredients which included one ounce or two tablespoons of honey.

Weighing in at 64 calories a tablespoon, honey isn't a dieters dream, but the calories are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

​We like our honey local, so we make sure to use Tempe based Crockett Honey Company.

Of course, the American Lung Association warns against consuming alcohol when treating a cold.  But our Grandmother always swore by a Hot Toddy before tucking in, and we have to agree, a Hot Toddy with a dollop of local honey just might cure what ails you.

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Cheri Biggs