Hot Fudge Root Beer Float Cupcakes: Consigliere to the Cupcake Mob

Is there no getting out of the cupcake mob? "Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in." -- AHHHHH! CUPCAKE GODFATHER!

As much as I'd like to pass this one up, I simply cannot. Seriously, a hot fudge root beer float cupcake? With root beer frosting? That's fizzy? Fizzy? FIZZY?

Obsessed with root beer floats, Jessica, from the blog How Sweet It Is, decided to try the carbonated sweet treat in cupcake form. After experimenting (and failing) with real root beer, she ended up using root beer concentrate to make these silky, dark chocolate cakes she swears fizz like a traditional root beer float when you take a bite. They're also topped with clouds of fluffy, vanilla ice cream frosting and hot fudge.

Wanna make some for yourself? (Or me?) Go here.

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