"Hotter Than July Chili Cook-Off and Salsa Fest" Seems Like a Bad Idea

Look, I'm no party planning expert -- my last event, a duel-themed church potluck and key party, failed miserably -- so maybe a chili cook-off and salsa festival in the middle of the afternoon, in July, outside, is a perfectly fantastic idea that just seems like a bad one at first glance.

Or maybe not.

From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, July 10, the first (and possibly last) annual "Hotter Than July Chili Cook-Off and Salsa Fest" will take place on Heatherbrae Drive between 7th and 9th Avenue, more specifically, between Copper Star Coffee and the Wag N' Wash Healthy Pet Center. In addition to the chili and salsa competition, the free event will feature kid-run lemonade stands and live music.

All the sweatin' and swelterin' is for a good cause: proceeds from the event will be donated to Gabriel's Angels, pet therapy for abused, neglected, and at-risk children.

So what's the rationale behind an outdoor chili and salsa competition in July?

"We want to show that there is a downtown vibrance and frankly, fun things to do in Cen Pho even when the temperature goes up," said event committee member and Melrose District liaison, Meghan Olesen, in a press release.

She's right. Unfortunately, most of those things are indoors, or at waterparks, or at indoor water parks. Something like that.

Here's hoping the "Hotter Than July Chili Cook-Off and Salsa Fest" does well, or at the very least, has a shitload of misters on hand. For more information, call 602-703-833 or go here.

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