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How Cool is This? Foodie Fight Trivia Game

One of my dear friends freaked out when she somehow misplaced a Christmas gift she'd gotten for me months ago. I knew she was really disappointed by the way she told me about it. But honestly, it was the thought that counted for me, so what a surprise to get a mystery package in the mail today. Little did I know, it would be Christmas on January 13th!

And indeed, it was a brilliant gift, totally worth the wait -- and even worth blogging about. It's called Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game For Serious Food Lovers. This girl really knows me! (Well, she's certainly had dinner with me enough to get my unabashed geekdom.) 

First thing to catch my eye was the blurb from Jacques Pepin on the side of the box: "Finally, a trivia game that I am interested in and knowledgeble enough to play!" Inside, I found a box of trivia cards on stuff like world cuisines, food in popular culture, cooking techniques, and restaurants. I am so tempted just to sit down and read the cards for fun, but I would like my friends to actually play this game with me sometime, so I'll hold off... for now... 



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Michele Laudig
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