Last Call

How to Make an Awesome Apple Pie Cocktail

This time of year, a favored drink special of many bartenders is a cocktail that evokes the taste of warm apple pie. Or at least, it's supposed to taste like apple pie. More than a few I've had these days taste like nothing more than apple juice spiked with Red Hots candies. Or they go the other way and taste like everything that goes into an apple pie except the apples.

What's a devoted cocktailian to do? I went into the Last Call secret lab and devised my own. The ideal apple pie cocktail has to be more involved than just dumping a shot of Fireball into a glass of apple cider. On the other hand, if I come up with some elaborate formula involving 10 ingredients including homemade syrups and bitters, nobody is ever going to make one but me. Just like any good cocktail, this is all about balance.

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JK Grence
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