Hum Botanical Spirit: The New "Vodka Soda"

Cue squeaky German accent): "As you know, in fashion cocktail culture, one day you're in. And the next day, you're out."

So, if cocktail trends are like fashion trends, consider artificially flavored vodka beyond over, St. Germain so last season and botanical infused booze, such as Hum Botanical Spirit, totally hot right now.

Hum is a new 70 proof liqueur, made from Fair Trade hibiscus, organic ginger, kaffir lime and antioxidant spices like cardamom. Red in color and delicious in flavor, Hum is proving to be the new black, popping up on cocktail lists across the country.

Yes, as you can imagine, this hot little number is already big in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the city where it originated. But it turns out Phoenix is hip on Hum too.

Read on to find which local liquor elitists are carrying it, as well as a few cocktail concoction recommendations that will easily make you retire your boring "vodka soda" preference. 

According to its makers, Hum is best served on the rocks, or with a splash of soda and lime, or with your favorite soft drink. They also suggest adding it to your favorite beer or sparkling wine.

Because of its unique earthy flavors and peppery kick, Hum is fun to experiment with. You can find Hum at Tops Liquor in Tempe or Total Wine in Phoenix to develop some cool concoctions of your own.

Or-- you could leave it to the pros: Arcadia Neighborhood's Kitchen 56 makes a cocktail called The Hummer, made with ginger beer, fresh lime juice and, ah-hah, champagne.

Of course, Old Town Scottsdale's Citizen Public House's master mixologist is rumored to make a delicious Hum Pisco Sour that we can't wait to try.


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