Chow Bella Offers Ideas to Tip the Scales in Your Favor

Valentine's Day has come and gone and you've whole heartedly abandoned your New Years diet by professing your undying love to a giant box of chocolates.  Your jeans still don't fit and those crafty Girl Scouts will be delivering their delicious little cookies starting this week.  Soon, you'll be plowing through an entire sleeve of Thin Mints, and there will be no denying your diet is in the dumps.

Looking for a little inspiration? Now might be the perfect time to catch up with  Sign up for daily updates with tips on healthy snack pairings and ideas for substituting lower calorie ingredients in your favorite dishes.  

Hungry Girl is not a nutritionist, just an average gal who loves to eat and battles the bulge with the best of them.  The site follows the principles of Weight Watchers and usually includes Weight Watchers point values with each suggestion, though you can easily follow the ideas without adopting the full diet program.

Taking the show on the road?  Hungry Girl has suggestions for low cal snacks to pack.  Dying for a Twinkie?  The site includes a recipe for making a diet friendly substitute.  If you prefer not to clutter your inbox, you can also pick up one of the Hungry Girl books.

Though it is likely that Hungry Girl gets a little payback from one of the many food companies she touts,as well as her affiliation with Weight Watchers, it is nice that the tips are all about recognizable food items that can be easily picked up at your local grocery store.  Hungry Girl might be slightly annoying,but not nearly as much as those control top undies you're wearing.

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Cheri Biggs