I feel like a train hit me

Wow, look out for this bug that's going around! I'm just coming off a three-day bender of DayQuil and NyQuil -- no freakin' fun.

But TGIF -- my energy and appetite are coming back right in time for the D-Backs game tonight. Somehow we managed to log on to the MLB website and get playoffs tickets the other day. I'd assumed the game would be sold out, but it wasn't. So tonight, I'm gearing up for my old standbys, an Italian sausage sandwich, some garlic fries, and one of those ginormous Sam Adams.

What's your favorite game day food? Is there something you wish they had down at Chase Field (or US Airways Center) that's not already among the offerings? (Jeez, they have McDonald's, burritos, Chinese, sushi . . . what's left?)

I'd be happy if more place served garlic fries. As far as I know, Ribbies is the only place in there that serves 'em, and service there is painfully slow, especially when I need to make a separate stop to get the other goodies I want. And whatever happened to Alaskan Amber? That was a tasty beer I'd order from time to time, and I haven't seen it since last season.

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