I just pigged out on even more cupcakes!

By Michele Laudig

As you know, I did my fair share of splurging when Sprinkles opened its Scottsdale location last month (at Scottsdale Rd. and Camelback), and now, history has repeated itself.

This time, it's in the name of patriotism, as the high-style cupcake bakery is launching a limited-edition flavor for the 4th of July: lemon blueberry with lemon cream cheese frosting. For the week leading up to Independence Day, you'll be able to get that flavor, as well as the popular red velvet cupcakes, decorated with little red and blue stars.

I swear I won't be blogging about every new flavor they come up with, but c'mon -- how can I not mention them when I'm still licking frosting off my lips?

The Sprinkles peeps sent a cupcake stork to deliver a newborn batch of treats over here, and now my coworkers all have a giddy sugar high. I suspect that if you wanted to take the lazy route to entertaining on the 4th of July, just feed cupcakes to your guests, and they'll love you as much as if you'd slaved over making them from scratch.

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