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I Wanna Nom Is Like the Recipe Version of Pinterest, Minus the Craft Shit

Like Valley chefs and restaurateurs, most of us enjoy the pleasure of thumbing through the printed pages of our favorite cookbooks. But thanks to the internet supplying all matter of drool-worthy food images and kitchen content at our fingertips, many of us turn to the interweb for culinary inspiration as well -- and we like to share that info with our peeps.

Enter I Wanna Nom.

Like Pinterest, the trendy bulletin board-style social photo sharing website, I Wanna Nom lets users organize recipes into a cookbook-like collection with the ability to bookmark their favorites and follow fellow members. But that's where the similarities end. For those looking for a pure, Pinterest-style platform for cooking minus the shitty crafts and fashion pins from the popular social networking site, I Wanna Nom might be worth a click.

Allowing its users the ability to store, track, and share and ever-growing collection of recipes and "food porn" images from the web, I Wanna Nom also provides the option to rate dishes, leave cooking (or consuming) comments, and follow tasty recipes from other members.

Unlike Pinterest, I Wanna Nom is recipe content only. And because of its community-based platform, makes the user experience more about sharing and less about simply gawking at mouthwatering food pics.

For more information or to create a I Wanna Nom account, go here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld