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Ian Horvath of Beehive Chocolates on Bees, Beans and the Beehive Experience

So, we all know that growing your own food can be healthy and rewarding....but grinding your own cacao beans? Now that's delicious.

That's what Scottsdale's Beehive Chocolates is up to. Crafting homemade dark chocolate and raw Arizona honey into a bite-sized, mouth-watering confection. Owner Ian Horvath grinds cacao beans and carefully chooses his ingredients to make lovely "honey pots." From sorting the beans by hand to hand stamping the packaging, Horvath is a detail oriented owner. We spoke with him about his passion and the process. It's the tale of a candy man with visions of homemade goodness and his passion for bees, or "yellow and black nectar magicians," as Horvath calls them.

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Kate Crowley
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