Ignite Food: From Homemade Bacon to Home-Brewed Beer, and Justin Beckett's Eat-A-Thon

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Another champion of farms, Monica Woolsey recommended farms over pharmacies, reinforcing the health benefits of colorful vegetables. Cinder McDonald was cheerful in the face of her frustrating health-related food restrictions and taught us how she learned to dine delightfully in spite of them. Salt sommelier Aaron Eckberg spread the word on the finer nuances of salt varieties and their ability to bring out the best from fresh ingredients to a cure.

Bradley Lusk made us take a look at our guts and the microbes inside. If Lusk and the researchers at The Biodesign Institute are on the right path, the microbes living in our digestive tracts may someday aid in medical diagnoses and treatment. (Yes, there was a slide with poop.) Bill Mar took us on a ride beyond astronaut ice cream with food preparation and the Apocalypse.

Before the end-of-the-world scenario and a diet of survival food, we opt for Chef Justin Beckett's Eat-A-Thon, conquering 36 restaurants in 24 hours. Tips for an Eat-A-Thoner included by Beckett: "Take only one bite of any dish at a restaurant no matter how good it is." We would like to see a Beckett Eats The World in 80 Days tour next.

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Carol Blonder