Ikitai, naa: Geisha A Go Go rocks Old Town

Bryan Chittenden and Greg Donnally, the guys behind two of Scottsdale's most pop-tastic hangouts -- Stingray Sushi and Drift Polynesian Restaurant -- are opening a new place tomorrow night, and it just screams Japanophile.

It's called Geisha A Go Go, and I can't wait to go-go get my drink on with some shochu cocktails, then go be a spazz with some of my nearest and dearest in a private karaoke room.

You didn't think the Japanese actually sing "Welcome to the Jungle" in front of a room full of strangers, did you? Hell no. They're all about discretion, and that means being a rock 'n' roll freak behind closed doors, then acting like nothing happened the next day. Thank god somebody finally brought the concept to Arizona.

(They're also promising pachinko machines, loud dance-rock, and high-tech Japanese toilets. I'm not sure if they're the kind that wash and air-dry your bottom, but hopefully they'll at least have the automatic seat warmer...)

Anyway, the food -- you wanted to know about that, right? Chef Patrick Boll's menu looks pretty hearty, from pork gyoza and braised duck korokke with cherry-garlic soy sauce to wok-style whole fish and various stir-fries. There are several noodle dishes, as well as plenty of sizzle-it-yourself hot rock dishes, including wagyu and kurobuta.

Geisha A Go Go is located at 7150 E. 6th Ave. in Scottsdale. Call 480-699-0055 for details.

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