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Arizona Wine & Tapas
This Friday, Mesa's Il Vinaio will be hosting a wine & tapas dinner featuring four great Arizona wines paired with four great tapas plates. Apple honey bruschetta with brie and almonds will be paired with Oak Creek's "Viognier", Wild Mushroom Polenta is paired with Dribble Creeks "Ladies in Waiting", seared duck breast with red wine cherry reduction will be served with Frietas Vinyard's Mesa Red and lamb and Moroccan eggplant salad will be paired with Dribble Creek's "Purr Main". Each guest will also be able to take home bottles of the featured wines at a discounted price. $25++ per person. Reservations: 480-649-6476.

Il Vinaio's Arizona Wine & Tapas Dinner and Fresh Green Bean Salad in Today's Eater's Digest

Green Bean Salad
It's hot and for the rest of the summer we're in salad mode, but the same ol' garden salad is starting to bore us. Toss together this easy and delicious Green Bean Salad for a nice break from your hom-hum salad or side dish. Crisp green beans tossed with bacon, feta and a savory dressing, perfect for livening up your next meal.

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