Imbibe: First & Decanted Thursdays at Arcadia Fine Wines

School's in session, on your terms: The best way to learn about wine? Drink it, of course! Imbibe installations of Wine School will feature local wine events where you can test drive your taste and grow your palate. Cut out of work early and head over to Arcadia Fine Wine this and every Thursday for Decanted Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. when the Arcadia Wine Goddesses serve wine by the glass for $11 or less and flights of three wines for $10 with a side of wine knowledge. Bonus: On the first Thursday of each month, i.e. this Thursday, wines by the glass are two-for-one. Cue us scrambling up to Arcadia tomorrow...

What to expect: "Decanted Thursdays are an entre to new clientele to experience new wines," says Katherine Conrad, vice president of marketing and wine goddess at Arcadia. Read: An introduction to the store's boutique wine selection and "concierge-style service."

Half a dozen wines are handpicked for the weekly tasting list, priced by-the-glass from $7 to $20-plus, and offered at the discounted rate of no more than $11 each Thursday.

(Click through for the wine pick of the week, plus our rundown of the pros and cons.)

Conrad tips her hand this week and recommends the budget-friendly Bright Light White, a California blend of chardonnay, albariño and gewürztraminer that retails for $15.50 per bottle.

"It's really approachable," she says. "It has great acidity, a pear aroma from the albariño, the chardonnay is also a little more round-bodied, and the gewürztraminer adds just a slightly sweet finish, but it is a dry wine."

Remember: Arcadia is a wine boutique, not a bar, and capacity is 25. Plan accordingly for an intimate, albeit slightly cozy, wine lesson. If you're looking for happy hour, head elsewhere.

Pros: It's actually educational and enjoyable. The intimate setting means you get to pick the wine goddesses brains: They're a wealth of knowledge and more than willing to cater the information they share to your wine-level, whether you just picked up your first bottle last week or have your own 1,000-bottle cellar.

"We're here to help educate people, take the pretentiousness out of a very elite product and help people learn more about what they like and love," Conrad says.

Cons: Arcadia focuses solely on wine, which means no food. Be responsible and nibble on something beforehand or plan on grabbing a bite to eat after. Better yet, get a bottle of wine at the tasting and bring home or out for dinner.

When and where: Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m.

Arcadia Fine Wine
4747 North Scottsdale Road # C-1007

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