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What works? Pulled pork, moist and juicy, shows some flair. So does the smoked turkey. But the best thing here is the turkey/jalapeno sausage, which sports a surprisingly snappy taste.

The sides show more energy. The beans are great, a blend of four different varieties perked up with pork. Skin-on potatoes, drenched in cheese, are addicting. Sweet corn niblets are better than the usual, frozen-since-last-summer corn on the cob most barbecue parlors inflict. Coleslaw is crunchy and fresh-tasting. And the lemon cake dessert--sweet, tart and tangy--hits all the flavor buttons.

Joe's play-it-safe, appeal-to-the-masses barbecue probably won't win over purists and connoisseurs. But that's not who the market-savvy proprietors are trying to lure. Judging by their success here, you can expect to see other Joe's Real BBQ places popping up elsewhere in the Valley.

Lib's Ribs:
Barbecued-beef sandwich
Slab of ribs
Sweet potato pie

Dickey's Barbecue Pit:
Beef brisket sandwich
Slab of ribs
9.49 (per pound)

Joe's Real BBQ:
Turkey/jalapeno sausage sandwich
Slab of ribs
Lemon cake


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Howard Seftel