Ingo's Tasty Food in Phoenix Serves Nearly Perfect Burgers

The most recent addition to the cluster of dining spots at the intersection of Campbell and 40th Street is Ingo's Tasty Food, a round, metal-and-brick building in which chef Dom Ruggerio crafts truly tasty hamburgers. The restaurant, named after the childhood music teacher of one of LGO's owners, offers diners a single curved counter with twelve bar stools and nice views of the culinary action.

Ingo's does get a little gimmicky, with a handwritten Post-It note specials and a complicated queuing system. But as our guest reviewer Robrt Pela reports this week, Ingo's burger make it all worthwhile. Ruggerio begins by cooking a thick puck of grass-fed beef to a perfect medium-rare. And unlike at other burger joints, you won't find these patties smothered in superfluous toppings and obscure cheese. The simple cheddar Cheeseburger is a basic and near-perfect as it gets, while the Ingo Burger shines as a juicy take on classic Reuben sandwich.

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Here's an except from this week's review by Robrt Pela:

As nice as these sandwiches were, I suspect I'll never eat either of them again, because Ingo's burgers are such stunners, and they're what I'll be going back for. In an era when beef patties are likely to be overdressed by zealous chefs intent to impress -- crammed with truffles, draped in obscure cheeses, and, in one recently memorable instance, marinated in port -- I want an uncomplicated burger that tastes not like fortified wine, but like a hamburger.

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