Wake Up Call

Introducing Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos

Try not to freak out, but it's true. There's a third Doritos Loco taco coming soon to a Taco Bell near you.

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According to the video above as well as the Taco Bell Twitter account, the new tacos will be available officially on Thursday, August 22, but if you tell the nice Taco Bell employees that you watched the video, you can get yours on August 19.

True Taco Bell fans will have seen this coming since the company released the Vine video below more than a week ago. Of course, the company did come out and announce the flavor at that time, though AdAge put forth Flamas as the potential next variation.

They weren't entirely wrong since there aren't currently "Fiery" Doritos chips in existence -- you got em, you sneaky, sneaky taco makers!

Stay tuned for a taste test soon. We'll be sure to get our resident guilty pleasure-ite right on this one.

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Lauren Saria
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