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Is America's Taco Shop Being Franchised? All Signs (and an E-mail) Point to "Yes."

It appears America's Taco Shop, the colorful Mexican eatery owned by Terry and America Corrales Bortin, is going the way of the franchise.

After spotting a fourth America's Taco Shop (there are currently two in Phoenix and one in Tempe, and, according to, one will be opening soon in Old Town Scottsdale) in the food court of the Arizona Mills Mall (whaaat?), I tried to contact someone from the original location several times and was eventually sent this e-mail:


I understand through Terry Bortin that you are interested in doing an article on America's Taco Shop. We will make sure to copy you when we issue our first press release on our involvement with ATS.

Thank you for your interest.

Curious, yes, (plus I liked the "ATS" shorthand), but even more mysterious was who it was from.

The e-mail was from a representative of Kahala, a Scottsdale-based company "dedicated to the franchising, development, and marketing of quick-service restaurants."

Clients on Kahala's roster include Cold Stone Creamery, Blimpie, Samurai Sam's, and TacoTime.

To what extent is Kahala's involved with ATS? Who owns the Arizona Mills Mall location? Why doesn't America's Tacos' website mention the mall location as one of their own? And will there be additional America's Taco Shop franchises?

Details to come.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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