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Is it Proper Etiquette to Call a Chef "Chef"?

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Chef Christopher Nicosia Sassi

I don't think that it is as much of a question of etiquette as it is one of respect. I don't require that everyone call me chef, but I know that when they do, they are acknowledging that I am the one who is ultimately responsible for the workings of the kitchen.

Bernie Kantak Chef and Partner, Citizen Public House

I think it's a personal preference. I personally don't care for it. In certain situations, it's necessary, but some may get a bit carried away with demanding being called chef. To each his own.

Eric O'Neill Chef and CEO,

I believe the title of chef is something earned in education and earned through the career path they choose. Nowadays, it seems calling someone a chef is used loosely. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the ones who started as the dish washer, and I do understand the culinary industry is a "show me state," but like most careers in this world, a piece of paper that says you graduated validates and grants a title.

Josh Hebert Owner and Chef, Posh

Whatever they prefer. I personally don't demand people call me chef; some people do. I just prefer my name. It's all up to personal preference.

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