Tartare and carpaccio might be more common in your favorite restaurants now.
Tartare and carpaccio might be more common in your favorite restaurants now.

Is Raw Beef Making a Comeback in the Dining Scene?

According to the Washington Post, raw beef is making a comeback on restaurant menus. Despite the risk of E.coli in uncooked meats, chefs say sourcing high-quality products as the key to safely serving raw beef. Dishes like carpaccio and tartare might be seen more typically on menus now than before, and, according to the article, that might be a matter of taste as much as it is a trend.

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If you can get past the gross-out factor of raw beef, which shouldn't be too big of an issue if you're a sushi fan. The article quoted one chef in saying that, "You don't feel bloated, or like you ate a huge piece of meat. You definitely feel like you ate protein, but you don't feel like, bleghhh."

While the piece does remind that consuming raw beef is not recommended by many food safety experts because there isn't a step that kills bacteria in preparation, industry folks point to proper sourcing and kitchen cleanliness in properly preparing raw beef.

Eating raw meat, and specifically beef, has traditional roots in many cultures from Vietnam to Ethiopia and the more common European iterations like carpaccio and tartare. Some say raw beef, when prepared properly, actually has more health benefits, citing heat sensitive vitamin levels like B12 in raw meats.

If you're interested in the ins and outs of raw meat safety in your home, Esquire did a pretty great guide to raw meat prep and purchasing last summer.

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